Illuminated sign above the entrance of Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Bartender puts two mixed drinks on the counter in Orania.Bar in Kreuzberg
Bartender mixes two Aperol Spritz in Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
The great selection of cocktail bitters In Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Tattooed bartender pours cocktail into glass at Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Preserving jars filled with dried fruits at Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
View through the window into the Orania.Stage, where an elderly gentleman plays the piano in the Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Man plays the piano at Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Jazz music  in the Orania Bar in Kreuzberg
Cozy interior of Orania.Bar Kreuzberg with guests
Woman sitting at the window in the cozy Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Elephant pattern at in Kreuzberg

Bar Berlin Kreuzberg


We can be heroes

daily from 6 pm

Enjoy an eclectic selection of the artisan brands as well crafty compositions of exotic ingredients mixed by Bar Manager Laura Driftmann and her team and experience live Jazz Concerts performed by great artists living in Berlin. The Orania.Bar is not only one of the most beautiful & lively bars of the city, but also the ideal overture for visiting the most exciting clubs of Kreuzberg & Friedrichshain.


Orania.Bar lives from the people behind it.

Barmanager Laura Driftmann likes Old Cuban and sparkling wine, music by Drake and The Weekend.

Lars likes Boulevardier, wine, sparkling wine and tea, loves house music.

Nik likes Gin Fizz, Club Mate and coffee, electronic music drives him.



The Orania.Bar drinks are just as versatile as the bar team. Cooperations with some local distilleries work perfectly. But there’s also a wide range of international beverages waiting for you. Not depending on fixed contracts with major brands is important to Laura Driftmann, in order to allow all of the team members full creativity.


The three take their inspiration from these very special Kreuzberg vibes, the evenings at legendary club Berghain, their last vacation, upcoming events like Pride Day and sometimes a melody they pick up from the Orania.Stage. What’s especially nice about the Orania.Bar is that those preferring non-alcoholic beverages can be sure to enjoy their drink just as much, be it shaken or stirred.


Those in need of a solid base for their stomach can count on the friendly support of the Orania kitchen. For bar food, Laura, Lars and Nik provide you with all the dishes they enjoy the most themselves, both on their plates and on Instagram. One hundred percent soul food, classic dishes served with a wink, simply everything you can’t pass by anyway. And you don’t even have to pretend you want to.


The Orania.Berlin building has its origins in 1912, when it was already being used as a restaurant and dance hall. In 2014, Dietmar Mueller-Elmau redesigned it as a luxury hotel. Since 2017, the Orania.Berlin has been at home amidst the Kreuzberg bars. Experience elegance and live music in a large space with a kitchen, restaurant, bar, and concert stage with a Steinway grand piano.



How would you describe your style and what inspires you?

Passionate and simple. A cocktail does not need endless ingredients. Sometimes less is more. My inspirations come from travelling & food. Different cultures are the source for my new ideas and creations.

Which is your favourite drink?

Especially on hot days I prefer a classic Daiquiri. Every now and then a Margarita on mezcal basis with a hint of chili.

When did you start thinking about becoming a bar manger?

I never planned on working behind the counter but during my vocational training in Hotel Adlon Berlin I was fortunate enough to make my experiences in the Sra Bua by Tim Raue. Bar manager Gregor Dill has accompanied me into the world of different flavors and spirits and from the beginning I was able to expand my creative horizon. Now I’m able and proud to show my own signature on The Orania.Bar menu.

How do you feel about the role of women in the bar scene? Are there any discrepancies or changes? Where is the journey of the bar managers going?

The bar scene is still dominated by men. I know some talented female colleagues who work very successfully.

Especially the way we work is the different to our male colleagues, but the team chemistry makesit perfect – like in the Orania.Berlin.

What do you want to read about yourself in the newspaper? What should the Orania.Bar and bar manager Laura be known for?

The Orania Bar is a great place to enjoy the classic and as well as the newly interpreted drinks with fancy bar food and daily new live music. My goal is to excite my guests exactly with the overall concept. The Orania.Bar offers a cozy atmosphere.

What are your plans for the future of the Orania.Bar? What can the guests look forward to?

I would like to focus more on regional, small spirits and as well as niche products. Smaller distilleries have earned the stage and the place in the spotlight. The Orania.Berlin has been around for almost two years and everybody knows about the tumultuous beginnings, with protests and all the other stuff.

Nevertheless, we would like to prove that our young and professional staff is worth the experience. Summarized: regional, creative, fancy & comfy. 

What do you think of the development of the Berlin bar scene? Is Kreuzberg special? Also in the international scene? With which city/district can the Kreuzberg bar scene be compared?

Kreuzberg stands for freedom, creativity and diversity. This is exactly what you will find in our restaurant and the corresponding drinks. Here in the neighbourhood you will find every nationality and that's what makes it so exciting.

I get a lot of inspiration just when I'm walking through the streets of Kreuzberg. I like to compare the Berlin bar scene with New York, which of course is much more distinct but you can see many similarities here.

Berlin has to find its own identity, there is a very high fluctuation of new openings and closures. But there are always very exciting projects here. Even if some fail, it is a kind of pioneering work that needs to mature.

For this year's 50th anniversary Pride you have created a special drink. What does your rainbow drink contain?

Aquavit Dild, Del Professore Vermouth White, currant & honey, lime.

What does LGBTQ + mean to you?

Everyone is allowed to live out what they want and that should be self-evident.

From whom would you like a mixed drink at any time?

Gregor Dill, Karim Fadl & Elaine Müller.

Where you heading after work? 

Into the George R, to our neighbours in the Oranienstraße or in the Strandbar Mitte.