Illuminated sign above the entrance of Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Bartender puts two mixed drinks on the counter in Orania.Bar in Kreuzberg
The great selection of cocktail bitters In Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Preserving jars filled with dried fruits at Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
View through the window into the Orania.Stage, where an elderly gentleman plays the piano in the Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Man plays the piano at Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Jazz music  in the Orania Bar in Kreuzberg
Cozy interior of Orania.Bar Kreuzberg with guests
Woman sitting at the window in the cozy Orania.Bar Kreuzberg
Elephant pattern at in Kreuzberg

Bar Berlin Kreuzberg


We can be heroes

daily from 6 pm

Enjoy an eclectic selection of the artisan brands as well crafty compositions of exotic ingredients. Experience live Jazz Concerts performed by great artists living in Berlin. The Orania.Bar is not only one of the most beautiful & lively bars of the city, but also the ideal overture for visiting the most exciting clubs of Kreuzberg & Friedrichshain.


The Orania.Bar drinks are just as versatile as the bar team. Cooperations with some local distilleries work perfectly. But there’s also a wide range of international beverages waiting for you. Not depending on fixed contracts with major brands is important to the bar manager, in order to allow all of the team members full creativity.


The three take their inspiration from these very special Kreuzberg vibes, the evenings at legendary club Berghain, their last vacation, upcoming events like Pride Day and sometimes a melody they pick up from the Orania.Stage. What’s especially nice about the Orania.Bar is that those preferring non-alcoholic beverages can be sure to enjoy their drink just as much, be it shaken or stirred.


Those in need of a solid base for their stomach can count on the friendly support of the Orania kitchen. One hundred percent soul food, classic dishes served with a wink, simply everything you can’t pass by anyway. And you don’t even have to pretend you want to.


The Orania.Berlin building has its origins in 1912, when it was already being used as a restaurant and dance hall. In 2014, Dietmar Mueller-Elmau redesigned it as a luxury hotel. Since 2017, the Orania.Berlin has been at home amidst the Kreuzberg bars. Experience elegance and live music in a large space with a kitchen, restaurant, bar, and concert stage with a Steinway grand piano.