Piano at the window on the Orania.Stage
The illuminated Orania.Stage with musical instruments at night
Artists give an Orania.Concert in Berlin Kreuzberg
Guests listen to the band performing on the Orania.Stage in the evening
Berlin DJ plays on the Orania.Stage in Berlin Kreuzberg
Matti Klein der Artistic Director Orania.Concerts and Elisa Bishop Production Supervisor Orania.Concerts in front of the piano
Berlin artists give a concert on the Orania.Stage
Violinist plays on Bethoven's sonatas at Orania.Stage in Berlin Kreuzberg
Man playing stand up piano at Orania.Stage in Berlin Kreuzberg
Pianist plays on the piano at Orania.Stage in Orania.Hotel in Berlin Kreuzberg
Berlin bass player at an Orania.Concert in Berlin Kreuzberg
Wiring and technology at an Orania.Concert
A jazz concert in Orania.Berlin the luxury hotel in Kreuzberg


Jazz. Soul. Pop. Worldmusic.

The Orania.Stage and Orania.Salon feature regular concerts excusively with artists living in Berlin. The program is curated by the the acclaimned Jazz Pianist Matti Klein. An innovative mixture of soul, jazz, pop & world music are the essence of his programming.


Berlin's hottest pianists playing the coolest solo concerts all summer.
Every Friday & Saturday in July and August!

5 days a week from September on again!


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