Managing Director & Chef Philipp Vogel, who lives in Kreuzberg, has been chef of top restaurants in Shanghai, London, Berlin & Vienna, where in 2014 he had been awarded with a Michelin Star in the Restaurant Edvard. Philipp is a master at the art of refining the elementary by applying different types of preparation on just three components for each dish. The Bar’s Menu presents a selection of the artisan brands as well crafty compositions of exotic ingredients.

His wife Jenny Vogel is managing the hotel. Prior to her last job as Manager for New Projects at the Adlon in Berlin, she has worked in Front Offices of the Kempinski in Munich, Vienna and Abu Dhabi and the Claridge’s in London.

The music program is being directed by the internationally acclaimed Pianist Julien Quentin, who has been living in Kreuzberg for many years. His program features an out of the box mix of Classical & World Music. The Jazz Pianist Marc Schmolling, who also lives in Kreuzberg is curating the Orania.Jazz Series. All concerts are performed by artists from all over the world who live in Berlin.

Jobs & Careers


Portrait of the Chief & Managing Director at Orania Berlin

Philipp Vogel
Chef & Managing Director


Portrait of the hotel manager Mrs. Vogel in the Hotel Orania Berlin

Jennifer Vogel
Hotel Manager
+49 30 6953 968 770

Portrait of the Artistic Director

Julien Quentin
Artistic Director

Marc Schmolling, Curator Orania.Jazz Series, playing piano

Marc Schmolling
Curator Orania.Jazz Series

Portrait of the Restaurant Manager Mr Linster

Johannes Linster
Restaurant Manager
+49 30 6953 968 780

Laura Driftmann
Bar Manager
+49 30 6953 968 780

Nora Durstewitz, Director of Communications at the Orania Berlin

Nora Durstewitz
Director of Communcations
+49 30 6953 968 730


Jan Brettschneider
Revenue Manager
+ 49 30 6953 968 700

Torben Dirsat
Executive i.c. HR & Accounting
+49 30 6953 968 740

Dietmar Mueller-Elmau
CEO & Managing Director
Concept & Design