An elderly gentleman plays the piano at Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg
Steaming, beautifully arranged dish on a plate at Orania.Restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg
Covered tables with view to the window front in Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg
Set table with flowers in a glass in the middle of the table at Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg
Menu of Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg
Kai Gilly, the restaurant manager in the Orania:restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg
Restaurant chef Philipp Vogel talks to his employee in the kitchen of Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg
Chef sprinkles chopped peanuts on small bowl filled with okra im Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
View of the kitchen of Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg through the window in the red door
Two kitchen employees in the kitchen of Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg
Cooks with face masks work in the kitchen of Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg
Restaurant Manager Kai Gilly cuts fine crispy duck skin at Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg


The place to (b)eat

Orania.Restaurant welcomes you in a charming and cosmopolitan way at square Oranienplatz in Berlin´s district of Kreuzberg. This is a place, where the kitchen is also a meeting spot, the restaurant becomes a living room and the bar turns into a concert hall. Surrounded by warm colours, atmospheric lighting and high-quality materials in the middle of the Kreuzberg community, regular guests from Berlin and international foodporn lovers, Orania.Restaurant focusses on the essential and helps you enjoy every little moment.

Open from Monday to Saturday from 7 pm