Covered tables with view to the window front in Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
Close up of a fancy dinner served on a black plate at the Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
An elderly gentleman plays the piano at Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
Menu of Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
Set table with flowers in a glass in the middle of the table at Orania.Restaurant Kreuzberg
Restaurant chef Philipp Vogel talks to his employee in the kitchen of Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
Chef sprinkles chopped peanuts on small bowl filled with okra im Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
Light-flooded place with elefant design and a waiter at the Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
An old man playing the piano behind people having dinner at the Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
View of the kitchen of Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg through the window in the red door
Two kitchen employees in the kitchen of Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg
Cooks with face masks work in the kitchen of Orania.Restaurant Berlin Kreuzberg

Restaurant Kreuzberg


The place to (b)eat

Orania.Restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg welcomes you in a charming and cosmopolitan way at Oranienplatz square. This is a place where the kitchen is also a meeting spot, the restaurant becomes a living room, and the bar turns into a concert hall. Surrounded by warm colours, atmospheric lighting and high-quality materials in the middle of the Kreuzberg community, regular guests from Berlin and international foodporn lovers, Orania.Restaurant focuses on the essential and helps you enjoy every little moment. Let us surprise you with unusual compositions such as our Peking Duck. After your dinner you can end your evening comfortably in the Bar in Kreuzberg with exclusive drinks.

Enjoy Dinner from Monday to Sunday from 6.30 pm.
Enjoy Breakfast in Kreuzberg in our Breakfast Club.

Philipp Vogel is the living contradiction that adds the spark to his cuisine: as Culinary Chef and Managing Director he runs Orania restaurant and luxury hotel in Berlin’s vibrant neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, always acting with enourmos cordiality and the highest degree of professionalism. His style was formed by his time with three star chef Dieter Müller, growing up with Italian family, and the experience he gained in China and Great Britain, and in Vienna he was rewarded with his own Michelin star.His compositions are reduced to three main ingredients of only the best quality, as well as high standards in terms of social and environmental matters. His menu is sophisticated, yet informal. Innovative, yet authentic.

Restaurant Manager Ronny Grosser unites a relaxingly unconventional team of highly qualified hosts and hostesses. They share a passion for outstanding cuisine and extraordinary moments with lots of charm and humour as well as professional expertise.

Two men hug and are laughing at the camera behind a bar in a restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg