Enjoy soothing treatments from experienced therapists either your room or in a large spa treatment room.

Determine your individual time frame and discuss your individual wishes and needs at the beginning of the massage. A mixture of natural vegetable oils or a paraben- and mineral oil-free cream is available. 
30 minutes 45 €
45 minutes 60 €
60 minutes 75 €
75 minutes 90 €

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Recharge your batteries and enjoy a massage composed of different cultures techniques from all over the world in one unit.

* Thai Welcome Ritual Foot bath, foot peeling and gentle pressure point massage for neck and shoulders

* Individual back massage Combination of classical European, Balinese, Chinese, Hawaiian and Indian techniques in conjunction with an African-oriental oil

* End Gentle and deep-sounding vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowl relax muscles and nerves on the back.

45 minutes 65 €

On request:
15 minutes extension with a compensating neck, head and face massage.

Total time 60 minutes 80 €
to clear your head & release emotional tensions