The Orania.Berlin Experience

experience the creative heart of Berlin in Kreuzberg.
enjoy outstanding food from around the world.
listen to unbeatable music from artists living in Berlin.
indulge in a stylish bar, lounge & literary salon.
rest your head in intimate & spacious bedrooms
blending ultimate comfort & natural materials
with subtle oriental influences & warm lights.


hospitality without limitations

Jenny Vogel

Guest Relations

Philiipp Vogel

Managing Director & Chef

Nora Durstewitz

Public Relations

a historic building reborn in the heart of kreuzberg

We wanted to restore a national monument in one of the most beautiful places in Berlin and Kreuzberg to revive the genius loci of the Oranienpalast Café which offered its guests outstanding concerts from great artists living in Berlin.

The new and spacious interiors embrace complexity, contradiction and understatement to create a relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere where local residents, artists and global nomads can feel equally welcome without limitations.

The design celebrates the creativity and diversity for which Kreuzberg is so famous by blending local craftsmanship and contemporary comfort with subtle oriental influences, warm lights and natural materials from around the world.